New England – 10-18-11

Greta and James set out late Wednesday night heading for New Hampshire. Their flight landed in Manchester, NH at 12:30am. They claimed their rental car and headed for their hotel. Thursday, despite the late night before, they headed for Grammie’s for a picnic indoor lunch and then off to Aunt Terry’s and Uncle Jimmy’s in Rhode Island. There they spent the night relaxing and meeting up for a short visit with Jennifer, Patrick and the kids. They got back to NH late on Friday and headed for Aunt Barbara and Uncle Scott’s for Friday night dinner after picking up Grammie. Saturday they had lunch with Godmother (Mother Healey) and low and behold to their surprise it was snowing as they came out of Godmother’s!

Well then the adventure began. They decided the smart thing to do was head back to the Hotel for their last night as travel for both them and Aunt Barbara and Uncle Scott was fast becoming a problem. Then Uncle Scott got called into work and they were on their own for dinner.

Wouldn’t have been a problem except: the powers lines came down around the hotel, the hotel lost all power, a tree caught fire, the fire engines arrived and blocked the entrance/exit and another tree came down in the other direction. Arranged to have some food brought to the corner of the property and they would go out and pick it up.. Then the police cut off access just as their food was arriving. No dinner again! Eventually the Hotel found them another place to stay in Merrimack that had power. They took their pizza (shared by some people who had managed to get their dinner brought in) with them planning to warm it up at the new location … oopps! No power at the “new” hotel either by the time they got there. Managed to get to the airport Sunday morning to find out the airport had no power and they bunched up in the reservations area waiting for security to open. No services (food or otherwise were available)They were on their plane on time but eventually the plane was delayed only a little over an hour (not bad for the conditions) and finally arrived in Charlotte at about 10:30am. A great trip with a chance to see all the family but could have done without the surprise of an unexpected snowfall in New Hampshire before Halloween. (Pictures from both Greta and Aunt Barbara)